Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My skincare routine

Posted by Uci at 11:01 PM

hi hi it's been so long that i never posting in my blog
and now i'll posting about my skin care routine
i've got oily skin,acne prone and sensitive skin.*poor me.LOL
now,let's start from :
♥my facial wash
i recently using tea tree facial foam from the body shop
at the beginning i using it, it's can reduce my acne but for a long time it's doesn't work on my face
and this product dry out my face.i love this product because my face felt so fresh after using it,like minty ^^
and i think i should looking for another facial cleanser
♥♥my toner
i recently using tea tree toner.Love it yeay,but i just using it sometimes *maybe 3 times at the week.because it's make my face dry :(
i should looking for another toner,i've plan for but vitamin E toner the body shop ^^
♥♥♥my moisturizer
i using tea tree skin clearing lotion from the body shop,the texture's like a gel,i like it
this lotion is so fast absorb to my skin.but after 2-3 hours this lotion make my face become i just using it at the night *sometimes
♥♥♥♥my night cream
i using seaweed clarifying night treatment from the body shop
i love this product !!! at the morning,my face felt so smoothy and chewy *lol
and this produt make my big pore's looking invisible.i love this product because it's decline my big pore's
♥♥♥♥my mask
i using tea tree facial mask from the body shop once a week,this mask make my face calm down and after using it i think my pore's looking smaller and also my acne !!!
♥♥♥♥my peeling
i using peeling mundisari from mustika ratu,the scrub from this peeling is good,not too rough for my face. i using it for remove my dead skin *lol
♥♥♥♥♥my tea tree oil
this tea tree oil can reduce my acne after using it 2-3 days


sii teiz said...

hey., we have the same kind of skin *hugss
gimana say udh coba produk apa aja?

UcciuCrid said...

cuma baru coba tbs sis:(
ni mau coba hadalabo.hhe smga cocok

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