Friday, April 29, 2011

Ohh i missing my Cat

Posted by Uci at 3:23 AM

hiks,i write this post after i missing my pet *it names MANIS
MANIS has died :( :(
he died on October 2010
the bus driver has hit MANIS
MANIS is a attractive cat,MANIS go out from my house and playing near with highway
yes,in front of my house is highway
and then
for the 1st time ,i dn't know MANIS was die me and my family think if MANIS was lost
because MANIS didn't come back to my home
after 2 days me and my family looking for MANIS,my father ask to my Neighbour,does he saw MANIS?
and you know what???
my neighbour tell if The bus driver has hit MANIS
MANIS Was die,and the bus driver was bring MANIS for buried


Stephanie said...

I read this in the morning and I immediately went outside my room to check my dog. I know how you feel, I lost my dog when he was only 1 month old. He got sick of Parvo and died =( We have to stay strong and move on for them. So, chin up and cheer up, sweetie. Manis is in a better place now.. ^^

UcciuCrid said...

thank you sist stephani :D
skrg aku plihara burung merpati aja hhe

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