Friday, April 29, 2011

Ohh i missing my Cat

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hiks,i write this post after i missing my pet *it names MANIS
MANIS has died :( :(
he died on October 2010
the bus driver has hit MANIS
MANIS is a attractive cat,MANIS go out from my house and playing near with highway
yes,in front of my house is highway
and then
for the 1st time ,i dn't know MANIS was die me and my family think if MANIS was lost
because MANIS didn't come back to my home
after 2 days me and my family looking for MANIS,my father ask to my Neighbour,does he saw MANIS?
and you know what???
my neighbour tell if The bus driver has hit MANIS
MANIS Was die,and the bus driver was bring MANIS for buried

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review maybelline bb cream

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kali ini aku mau review tentang maybelline bb cream.yay!
sbenernya uda lama sih belinya hha:p
harganya kalo ga salah 33k deh,aku pertama kali beli ini waktu buka2 webnya maybelline
trus liat review2 nya koq kayaknya bagus,apalagi buat orang yang baru belajar dandan alias ngelenong kayak aku hha
nah kesan prtama ni bb cream lumayan lah,teksturnya cepat ngeresap,tapi koq pas dipakein ke muka ku jadi keliatan greyish yah :(
kurang cocok sama skintone ku yg yellowish,ni bb cream juga cuma ada 1 shade
aku kira cocok :(
nah kalo masalah oil controlnya menurut aku kurang,3 jam an aja uda oily banget di muka
1 yg kusuka dari produk ni yah ga bikin breakout,harganya murce buat mahasiswi kayak aku yg masih minta duit dari ortu hha :p

My skincare routine

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hi hi it's been so long that i never posting in my blog
and now i'll posting about my skin care routine
i've got oily skin,acne prone and sensitive skin.*poor me.LOL
now,let's start from :
♥my facial wash
i recently using tea tree facial foam from the body shop
at the beginning i using it, it's can reduce my acne but for a long time it's doesn't work on my face
and this product dry out my face.i love this product because my face felt so fresh after using it,like minty ^^
and i think i should looking for another facial cleanser
♥♥my toner
i recently using tea tree toner.Love it yeay,but i just using it sometimes *maybe 3 times at the week.because it's make my face dry :(
i should looking for another toner,i've plan for but vitamin E toner the body shop ^^
♥♥♥my moisturizer
i using tea tree skin clearing lotion from the body shop,the texture's like a gel,i like it
this lotion is so fast absorb to my skin.but after 2-3 hours this lotion make my face become i just using it at the night *sometimes
♥♥♥♥my night cream
i using seaweed clarifying night treatment from the body shop
i love this product !!! at the morning,my face felt so smoothy and chewy *lol
and this produt make my big pore's looking invisible.i love this product because it's decline my big pore's
♥♥♥♥my mask
i using tea tree facial mask from the body shop once a week,this mask make my face calm down and after using it i think my pore's looking smaller and also my acne !!!
♥♥♥♥my peeling
i using peeling mundisari from mustika ratu,the scrub from this peeling is good,not too rough for my face. i using it for remove my dead skin *lol
♥♥♥♥♥my tea tree oil
this tea tree oil can reduce my acne after using it 2-3 days

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