Friday, June 10, 2011

Review Hadalabo Aha Bha facial foam

Posted by Uci at 5:15 PM

now,i'll realize my promise for review my last haul
let's start from review Hadalabo Aha Bha facial foam
what they say :
♥gently exfoliates skin to remove impurities,dirt,oil trapped with pores
♥polish away dullness and refines skin texture for visibly clear,smooth and radiant skin
♥skin ph balanced,low iritant
♥free fragrances,low mineral oil,alcohol,colorant
i really really fall in love with this product :love:
pro♥ :
♥ minimize my pore's
♥reduce my whitehead's
♥didn't drying out my face
♥work's so well like they said

cons :
♥ not available in my country *indonesia
♥ so pricey :(


Joveeta Lee ♥ said...

How much this is? :D

cominica-ai said...

whoaa pengen :D
tar ke sg mo beli aahh, dan botolnya lucuu banget sis!

UcciuCrid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
UcciuCrid said...

jove,kmren aku bli 175 k :D

cominica-ai,waah asik bner sis bs bli langsung,psti lbh murah :D

Euis Maharani Rachmad said...

gimana kabarnya sis? kangen. gimana kabar kampusnya?

Crystal said...

It's available in my country , it is quite good but it doesn't work well .o.

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